Increasing your luck

Sent on October 19th, 2021

I consider myself somewhat lucky. Aren’t we all? There is some amount of luck involved in every successful person’s life.

A lot of things in life happen because of luck and nothing else. No physical effort can force it. No intelligence and no education can increase it. Acknowledge that .

– The Psychology of Money

As we acknowledge the luck, we can do a few things to increase the surface area of luck, which might increase you changes of getting lucky.

How can you do it as a developer?

Simple – by putting yourself out there.

But it’s not enough to be good. In order to be found, you have to be findable .

– Show your work

You can write blog posts, make YouTube videos, write tweets on the topics you are interested and on the things you are learning and creating.

You increase your chances.

How am I applying this concept to building apps?

I am working on Stackblocks . To increase the discoverability, I am creating pages, or how-to setup guides, for all the newsletters services and the website builder that the app supports. I’m hoping this will increase the luck by a bit.

I’ve started the work already and I have quite a few guides . I will be adding more pages.

Along with it I’m building an image generator so I can dynamically generate header and open graph images which help the pages look good when shared on social media.

Having these pages would also compliment SEO gurus and hopefully it shows up when people search for related things. I will generate a sitemap and submit to Search Console.

From the mixtape

That’s all for this week’s Hackletter. Tell me what ideas you got to increase your luck.

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