Learn how to build a modern, fast and static blog with all the features like RSS, comments and strong SEO using amazing open source technologies.

Highlights ✨

  • NextJS / React and Typescript
  • Deployed to Vercel
  • Content comes from Notion
  • Styled using Tailwind CSS
  • Comments using utteranc.es
This is how I'd be building a blog today! 🚀

Course structure ⚔️

All videos are 100% free. However, you can support me by paying-what-you-want on Gumroad.

  1. Setting up Notion for content
  2. Initialize NextJS project and styles
  3. Creating blog pages
  4. Creating an index page for all the articles
  5. Adding RSS, meta tags and OG images for SEO
  6. Comments functionality using Utterances
  7. Deploying it to Vercel
  8. Bonus: Re-building your site using Siri shortcuts

This would likely change as I record them.

Who is creating this? 🤔

Hi, I'm Aravind Balla 👋 – JavaScript developer, writer and podcaster. More about me.

I've build few websites that have a similar setup, mainly a blog for my sister and a site to document cafes I work from. This course is a distillation of all the things I've learnt while building and maintaining them.