Aravind Balla/projects

I love building things. 👷 These are the stuff I built.
Some for fun. 🤸🏻‍♂️ Some for productivity! 👨🏻‍💻

Node Gister

January 02, 2018

github/aravindballa/node-gister I write articles on Medium generally. And most of them are technical one which sometimes required code…

Live Age Tab

November 20, 2017

github/aravindballa/live-age-chrome I badly wanted a reminder that time flies and to make good use of the time. I thought many ways of…

Universal Copy

November 09, 2017

github/dailywageworkers/crosstalk-chrome I like building things that make me more productive. Things which support me in the work I do. One…

MRND Leaderboard

August 28, 2017

github/aravindballa/MRNDLeaderboard In MRND , the students were asked to practice competitive programming problems in SPOJ. So we wanted a…


February 24, 2017

github/aravindballa/almador This is my personal assistant. Period. It is a Facebook Messenger Bot. I built this in node using Firebase as…

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