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Last edited on November 09, 2017
Tech used -AndroidJSFirebaseWebpack

I like building things that make me more productive. Things which support me in the work I do. One of them is Universal Copy.

Using this, we can copy stuff/text from Chrome(Web) and paste it on your mobile(Android). The vice-versa has not been done yet. But thatโ€™s the concept.

We use many devices daily. And sharing content between them is hard. For documents and files, we have things like Google Drive and Dropbox. But if you want a link/url that you want to send or a piece of text like address that you SMS your friend, then we find it hard to send it to mobile.

So I, with help of my friend, Raghava, built this to integrate clipboards of the devices that we use in a daily basis.


I donโ€™t have the code for this anymore. I lost it when I crashed my external HDD. I somehow did not push it to Github then. My bad.

Along with a friend of mine, Mahikanth Nag, I am starting over this project again with new features with the name Cross Talk. I will write about as soon as I find time. That repo can be found at https://github.com/dailywageworkers/crosstalk-chrome.

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