Process of making my Coffee

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that is a v60 pour over coffee

I wake up every morning so that I can drink a fresh cup of coffee. Okay that's a bit of exaggeration. But yeah, I drink a cup almost every day.

My go to brewing method is v60 these days. I rarely enjoy coffee with milk. It's mostly black.

It takes around 10 mins from the start to finish. I like it that way as it has become a routine which puts me in the work mode for the day.

Grinding beans

I use a hand grinder to grind my beans.

One thing that made a good difference is using a burr (ceramic) grinder instead of a stainless steel one. A proper grinder makes sure the grind size is equal, which lets you extract coffee uniformly.

I don't have my favourite beans yet. I'm still exploring beans from different roasters in India.

The technique

I used an Aeropress earlier. It is more forgiving with the unequal grid size that I used to get with a stainless steel grinder. Now that I use a manual burr grinder, v60 is my go to method. This is also know as Pour Over Coffee.

I feel this does a good job of extracting the rich flavour of the beans without making it too bitter.

Being able to taste coffee and judge what you like is a skill in itself. It takes time to develop it. A good resource to start is this video.

Brewing it

beans in v60 filter

1:18 is the ratio I enjoy. Which means 18g of water for every 1g of ground coffee. And I typically use 14g of coffee and 252g of water.

Yes, I measure it.

The technique I generally do is a slightly modified version of the one described in this video by James Hoffmann.

In ~2 minutes, I have a cup of coffee ready.

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