Aravind Balla

Aravind Balla


I try to move mountains and do magic with code. 👨‍💻 I keep experimenting things and love to share my experiences. When not coding, I travel. ✈️

Latest Projects

A personal facebook messenger bot which logs my work, inspires me, and sends messages on my behalf. It doesnot hesitate in answering simple and funny questions too.
Node GisterNode
A simple node package which creates GitHub Gist from files via command line.
Live Age TabJS
New Tab extension for chrome which displays me my live age. It keeps incrementing for every second. A quick one!

Latest Writings

Keyboard Shortcuts w/ DraftJS ⌨️
DraftJS is opensource Rich Text Editor for React. This is from the Facebook guys themselves. The website has a video where they talk about…
Wonderful workflows with Trello
Trello is amazing software. Period. Mind starts structuring thoughts. Let me tell you why.
Working in a team vs alone
Dude, did you just push your changes in? All my code is crashed when I pulled it!