Aravind Balla

Aravind Balla


I try to move mountains and do magic with code. 👨‍💻 I keep experimenting things and love to share my experiences. When not coding, I travel. ✈️

Latest Projects

Node GisterNode
A simple node package which creates GitHub Gist from files via command line.
A personal facebook messenger bot which logs my work, inspires me, and sends messages on my behalf. It doesnot hesitate in answering simple and funny questions too.
MRND LeaderboardAngular, Firebase, Node
A leaderboard built using Angular and node for MRND. It contains the stats of the students and their progress on SPOJ problems.

Latest Writings

Keyboard Shortcuts w/ DraftJS ⌨️
DraftJS is opensource Rich Text Editor for React. This is from the Facebook guys themselves. The website has a video where they talk about…
Wonderful workflows with Trello
Trello is amazing software. Period. Mind starts structuring thoughts. Let me tell you why.
Working in a team vs alone
Dude, did you just push your changes in? All my code is crashed when I pulled it!