Aravind Balla


Hi 👋 I am Software Developer working remotely from Hyderabad, India. I love JS and CSS 💛. I like to build stuff, document the process and share the knowledge I gain.

I currently work 👨🏻‍💻 at Paperpile where we are building tools – Paperpile and BibGuru, which are used by thousands of scientists and students for research from all over the world.

Few things I've wrote recently

As I said, I like to share what I've learnt. So I (try to) write frequently.

Build pages in Gatsby from Rest API

Creating pages in Gatsby is easy. But when we want the pages to be also part of the GraphQL layer so that we can query them in index pages…

Found the perfect writing setup

📌 Disclaimer You don’t need this to start writing. This is just icing over the cake and a process that fits nicely in my routine. The setup…

I cracked the key to reading books

I had big goals. Like read 12 books this year. Not big for you? It was for me. A lot of books I chose were non fiction. The mistake I made…

You know about the podcast, right?

Brittik and I host a podcast where we talk about technology, startups and all the things we love about. It's called Learning Curve Podcast

Latest - Talking Typescript


I speak at meetups and conferences on topics that I'm excited about.

And More...

I started posting videos on YouTube lately and enjoying the process of it. Watch and subscribe if you like them.

Also, I post a few unfinished and work in progress thoughts at like this one about writing.

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