Hi πŸ‘‹ I am Software Developer working remotely from Hyderabad, India. I love JS and CSS πŸ’›. I like to build stuff, document the process and share the knowledge I gain.

I currently work πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» at Paperpile where we are building tools – Paperpile and BibGuru, which are used by thousands of scientists and students for research from all over the world.

Few things I've wrote recently

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Banner image for Custom React hook for websocket updates

Custom React hook for websocket updates

Creating reusable components is the main plus point when we are working with React. And hooks let us sprinkle powers to those components. Adding some...

Banner image for Incremental Static Generation

Incremental Static Generation

We know Static site generation (SSG) is awesome. We get to build the pages of the website in advance, which is while building the project, and then d...

Banner image for Over optimization yields zero results

Over optimization yields zero results

> A wood cutter who only sharps his axe doesn't make a dime. > – Aravind We are generally obsessed with optimizing every part of our lives. In my ca...

You know about the podcast, right? πŸŽ™

Brittik and I host a podcast where we talk about technology, startups and all the things we love about. It's called Learning Curve Podcast


I speak at meetups and conferences on topics that I'm excited about.