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How remote work changed me

Now that I don't work from the same concrete place every time, I am really loving it. I rent a desk at a co-working space nearby and oftenā€¦

Tweet daily using Github Actions

May 12, 2020

Github Actions are really powerful. I like to see them as personal assistants. You tell your assistants to do some work for you. Similarlyā€¦

Dont wait till you are ready

February 05, 2020

You will never be We weren't ready We had a lot of un-figured-out stuff that could keep us from starting our podcast last year in Decemberā€¦

First ever interview

January 03, 2020

I contributed to Bismuth Community recently where I helped build a voting tool . The community was so generous. I loved the gratitudeā€¦

Why I`d like to start a podcast

December 08, 2019

This isn't a motivational post. This is a short why post. It's about the reason why I'd like to start a podcast. Hopefully this will helpā€¦

Single Page Apps with Gatsby

November 04, 2019

Gatsby, which is a static site generator, is famous for blogs and documentation websites. But there is no wrong in build full blown Reactā€¦

Positioning yourself for remote work

September 17, 2019

Remote work is picking up these days. Its easy to find people, in countries like India, who are working remotely for a company which isā€¦

Non blocking updates in React

July 01, 2019

Sometimes, a few updates/computations take up a lot of time. They block the UI from updating, which makes it look as if things are slow. Iā€¦

Fetch so many things, at once

April 20, 2019

There is the fetch API in Node, which allows us to make a HTTP request and get some information from the servers. We can use that to makeā€¦

Gatsby without GraphQL - only JSON

March 02, 2019

Number one misconception about Gatsby is that you need to know GraphQL to build something with Gatsby, which is not true . Yes, you don'tā€¦

Don`t Fetch JSON

February 05, 2019

Why should you though? This is not intended if you have an API endpoint (backend) serving multiple types of clients(like mobile and webā€¦

How remote work changed me

January 25, 2019

Now that I don't work from the same concrete place every time, I am really loving it. I rent a desk at a co-working space nearby and oftenā€¦

(P)reacting on the server side

September 30, 2018

It takes time to realise Server-side rendering is amazing.šŸ˜ It was the same for me. You get a ton of benefits with it. Mainly, firstā€¦

Advanced git tips

September 23, 2018

Git is amazing and you will learn only by using it. Try to learn the commands, you will forget if you don't use them. The same is the caseā€¦

Creating & Managing components outside React

July 27, 2018

You are probably not starting a new project with React in the frontend. You just want to build some components, make use of the apis thatā€¦

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