Tracking Mood - Can you really do it

8th August, 2023·
·2 min read

What gets measured, gets improved.

I believe that statement is true. I wanted to apply that how I feel / my mood.

But I had a lot of questions. Can I accurately do it? What does it mean to track your mood - What are you actually tracking? My mood changes every hour, so should I track hourly? Or a general idea of how my day was is enough?

Internet did it's trick. You know it listens to us and our feeds are full of the things we think of, right? That happened. Came across a video from Matt D'Avella where he talks about his 365 days mood tracking experience.

I realised I didn't need extreme tracking mechanisms–just the overall mood for the day. This decision would also be simple to start with.

I tracked the last 7 days.

phone with 7 days tracking

I'm using the same app that Matt uses. I like the ability to write a summary of the day. Initially did it on Apple Health app (you can log mood from iOS 17 which is currently in beta) but this didn't have a place to write summary. (Might change in the future)

UPDATE: Now using How we feel app.

How its affecting me - I'm more conscious of how my day is. Instead of just experiencing the day as it is, I am putting efforts to make it better.

When I keep up with this habit and add more days, I will have few insights. For example, Vidya found out she is least productive / energetic on Tuesdays.

In a month from now, I will write about this again.

Have a great day. Do something that makes your day great.

Aravind Balla

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