I cracked the key to reading books

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I had big goals. Like read 12 books this year. Not big for you? It was for me. A lot of books I chose were non fiction. The mistake I made was to read them cover to cover. That’s what is finishing, right?

You don’t have to read a book cover to cover. Yeah. If the book is interesting, you might end up reading everything. But when few sections are boring, you don’t have to drag through them knowing you wont have any take away from those sections. You can skip them.

It’s like driving somewhere without getting close to the destination.

The main idea for me to read books is to get ideas and remix them with things I know or believe. When I reading chapters that interest me, that would most likely happen. I consider a book is good for me if it forces me write my thoughts every now and then. So skipping things that I know would not help me think deeper is always better.

Do you read books cover to cover?

Aravind Balla

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