Infinite feeds are robbing the joy of your life

21st August, 2023·
·1 min read

You get to switch contexts at an enormous pace and your brain gets hooked. Now, it always wants it, and we’re doomed!

But life happens in a slow pace.

It takes time for a flower to blossom.

It takes time to brew coffee.

It takes time to finish a book.

It takes time enjoy your meal.

What do we do when life is happening?

Pull out our phones and get back the dopamine kicking feeds. Insta & Twitter

I find myself guilty of - closing the app and opening it again immediately, unconsciously.

Happens to you too? Why are our brains wired like this? - Because we aren’t taking control

What can we do?

  • Be okay with missing out
  • Embrace long form content like books, podcasts etc
  • Set your intentions with Social Media
  • Use Lists instead of Twitter's default feed

An excellent summary of Digital minimalism by the man himself, Cal Newport. No wonder why he isn't on social media.

YouTube - Digital Minimalism with Cal Newport

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