Why write memos everyday

25th July, 2023ยท
ยท1 min read

When I started, 2 days ago, I didn't know what the actual goal with them is. I generally have my why figured out before even I start something. Like the case with podcast or my side-project.

I just did it because my friends Sreekar and Vidya were doing it. And they would make wonderful accountability partners.

Although, this wasn't the sole reason. There were times in the past when I had thoughts of publishing daily. My friends doing it gave me the right push.

Main goal with this is to build that publishing muscle. We consume a lot of info but fail to produce or put out our thoughts. We don't express as much.

This is an outlet, a way to express.

The last step in Tiago's CODE framework (from Building a Second Brain book) is E for Express.

I don't want to gain a huge popularity or following by doing this. I just want to attract the right kind of minds that spark with the ideas I put out and be sparked my the conversations that could take place.

Writing and publishing daily would mean an opportunity everyday to do that.

I'm just increasing my surface area for luck.

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