Why I`d like to start a podcast

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This isn't a motivational post. This is a short why post. It's about the reason why I'd like to start a podcast. Hopefully this will help me stick around.

I should not do it because

I know I don't have thousands of followers on Twitter. And things I say wont probably be heard by a lot of people. I am also not a pro at what I do and I am still getting there. I am not an influencer.

Instead, I am doing it because

I want to improve. I know I am not good at talking or presenting or articulating a thought. Yes, I stammered a bit in the first episode. But, this will be a way for me to improve at all those things, publicly. Trust me, I'll get better. #GrowInPublic

Not being know by a lot of people puts me in a great position, where I can experiment lot of things and I don't have to feel bad if it fails.

Brittik is a kind person who you will want to be around. I share a same vibe from the day I met him. We talk about a lot of things and learned a lot from each other. Sometimes, we keep taking about a topic and at the end, we think the conversation should have been recorded. This time, we are consciously recording it.

I like to share things that I learn and that has been the motivation to write this blog, make (very few) videos and give talks. This podcast is another outlet.

Brittik and I actually started it. By the time of writing, first episode is already recorded and is set to be published the next day. We built up the landing page and setup things for the podcast distribution. Also, this is the first thing Brittik and I are launching together. (We will talk about things that failed too.)

I'd want you to listen to the podcast - learningcurve.dev and give me feedback. A DM on Twitter would help.

Thanks a ton for reading this 🎉

Good day!

Aravind Balla

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