Battle Against Unconscious Behaviours

21st August, 2023ยท
ยท1 min read

I've tried to get rid of unconscious behaviours like opening Instagram automatically after unlocking the phone.

I used to do this a lot. When hit enter and the code is compiling, I pull up the phone. When waiting in a line, I pull up the phone. Opening Insta was an un-mindful act.

Its no more fun, mainly because [[Infinite feeds are robbing the joy of your life]].

What worked in the past was uninstalling it completely. But its extremes.

I wanted to find a middle-way.

I experimented with an iOS automation that runs when ever I open Insta it prompts me to type something, like why I want to use it.

But its very easy to surpass this. I started typing gibberish to pass that step.

Now, I've setup OneSec app to show me a screen and make me wait for some time before proceeding to Insta.

This is helping me act mindfully and blocking the unconscious behaviour. I constantly get shocked observing how many times I open it.

These kind of interventions to stop addictive behaviours is research backed.

Aravind Balla

By Aravind Balla, a Javascript Developer building things to solve problems faced by him & his friends. You should hit him up on Twitter!

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