Playing GitHub Issues API for a Digital Garden

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GitHub issues can become a nice interlinked digital garden. 🌱 🌲 🌳

I've seen people use it as a CMS for their blogs. The inspiration comes from OneGraph's blog example. I loved it.

A garden, which is interlinked, can be done as well.

Swyx did that for his blog. He wrote a post about it - Moving to a GitHub CMS.

A few repos that embrace GitHub Issues as a CMS -

A nice inbuilt feature - You can see to which notes a particular note is linked in the mentions.

I played with GitHub's GraphQL API and it gives me a prefect response to create a website from these notes

(omitted bodyText to fit the screenshot)

I have a basic working version up here - 🎉

The pages comes from Issues of the repository -

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