You hate olives today

29th July, 2023·
·2 min read

When you become rigid about the things you love and hate, it becomes hard to change. You become narrow minded. You close all the doors.

This conversation between Derek And Tim was eyeopening on the things I formed opinions on and was strict about not changing.

Derek Sivers: Well, there's a tiny idea around the identity, which is to just admit that whatever you are is now and whatever your preference is now.

So when my kid says "I hate tomatoes," I say "today." And he goes, "Oh, right, I hate tomatoes today!"

Because it's leaving open the possibility that you might change your mind tomorrow. And he did! I hate olives. I hate, hate, hate olives so badly. And he picked this up from me, right? So he's like, "I hate olives, too!" But he was just imitating me. And then we went to Subway one day. I was so proud of him. He walked up to the counter and he said "I would like olives." And they said, "Do you want anything else?" He said, "Ham, just ham and olives."

And they loaded this sandwich full of olives. And I looked at it horrified.

He ate it and loved it! And he goes, "I like olives now." I was like, "Yes."

I love that switching between identities.

Source: YouTube - Derek Sivers — The Joys of an Un-Optimized Life…

Do you really hate that thing or did you borrow the hatred from someone close? When did you think about changing it?

Next time you express hatred, add today at the end.

I hate olives today.

Aravind Balla

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