Playing with AI - Can it become your coworker?

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Is AI taking over the world?

That's the biggest question everyone has. I'd say not yet. But, for now, it's great at solving, making art, suggesting code, etc.

Over the past couple of days, I've toyed around with all this cool AI stuff and this is my documentation on things I enjoyed.

Personal Pair Progammer

Github's Copilot is really helpful in cases where you are writing boilerplate code that follows the same pattern. For example, to do something with Redux, it involves writing an action, a reducer and a side effect. Copilot suggests you some of it.

Quick regex checks are a time saver with Copilot. No need to go to stack overflow and search. You write a comment and it tell you what you need to write.

valid email check sugession

Copilot saves a lot of back and forth.

Sometimes, it even teaches you new things by suggesting something you don't know.

AI Teacher?

GPT-3 playground is great as well. Once I took help for a bash command that I didn't know how to write.

thanks GPT

Making Art

You can become a graphic designer with no skills.

If you know how to describe the picture you want, get the AI to draw/make it for you not that difficult.

If you want to try, you can go to Dall E and give a few prompts. They give you some free credits every month.

Stable Diffusion is another option. You can run this locally, for free, unlimited number of times. If you are on an M1 mac, this app Diffusion Bee can take care of the setup and downloading the model so you run it directly without touching the terminal.

Some the stuff that I liked from the generated pieces of art.

Art by AI

Better transcrption

There are services which do transcribe the audio to text for you.

Honestly, they aren't perfect, especially for Indian accents like mine. We need to spend time fixing mistakes. And we need to spend money if you hit the free limits.

Enter Open AI's whisper.

It's open-source, free, runs locally, does a great job at recognizing accents. It even translates your regional voice to English.

It has different models that get the job done. I felt the base model is good for my voice.

This packages adds subtitles to videos.

These are the major areas I get help from AI in. It has really become my coworker in the past couple of weeks.

We recently recorded an episode in the Learning Curve podcast on AI for Indian developers which is so much related to this post.

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