Highlights from "Around the World in 60 Seconds"

By Nuseir Yassin and Bruce Kluger

Cover of the book Around the World in 60 Seconds

As you can imagine, none of this sat well with me, and that's why I stopped believing in religion. continued to believe in the idea of God, just not in the box he or she comes in. Don't get me wrong-religion is a wonderful thing for some people, and I may be religious again one day. But at this point in my life, before I sign on to one belief, I need to be convinced that all fingers point to the same moon. Until that time comes, I've decided to look inward and become a better person.

And that was the whole point. To us, the tiniest problems are the end of our world. Our cable service is interrupted for a few hours; our favorite restaurant is closed; we can't hail an Uber for a whole thirty minutes and man, how we love to complain about it (especially me).

But each time I did-despite my affection for the city.-.-the cold reality of Jerusalem became harder and harder to ignore: that it is stuck in a deadly continuum. In fact, I'm convinced that if all religions of the world suddenly called for peace with one another, there would still be fighting in Jerusalem. It's the way the city lives.

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