Highlights from "Friendly Ambitious Nerd"

By Visakan Veeraswamy

Cover of the book Friendly Ambitious Nerd

If you have a young person in your life, pay full attention to them and ask them what they’re interested in. And it’s genuinely interesting! Every person is a glorious kaleidoscope of curiosities, shaped by unique perceptions and perspectives.

we’re all using each other to some degree, the question is is the outcome mutually beneficial, or is it exploitative and destructive?

It’s actually entirely possible to have an affair with your own spouse – just literally decide to break from your routine and ask each other questions about things you don’t normally talk about,

Consider the following metaphor for subjective social reality: the light in your fridge. Every time I open my fridge, there's light. Therefore, the fridge light is always on.

May we all heal ourselves, and each other, with love and laughter. We’re only here for a little while.

you get to join the secret group of people who make the world a better place for other people

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