Highlights from "Into the Magic Shop"

By James Doty

Cover of the book Into the Magic Shop

Yet to be compassionate to another, you must be compassionate to yourself. Many people beat themselves up by being hypercritical, not allowing themselves to enjoy the same kindness that they would offer to others.

And many times such judgments are negative and wrong. We have to look at another person and think, “They are just like me. They want what I want—to be happy.” When we look at others and see ourselves, we want to connect and help.

It is only when we recognize that, like us, every person has positive and negative attributes, and only when we look at one another as equals, that we can truly connect. It is that connection of common humanity that frees us to open our heart and care unconditionally. To look at another as an equal.

The act of kindness ripples out and makes it more likely that your friends and those around you will be kinder. It is a social contagion that puts our society right. And ultimately kindness returns back to us, in the good feelings it generates and in how others treat us … with kindness.

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