Don’t Let the Over-Achiever-You Stop You from Your Goals

Sent on January 11th, 2022

It’s been some time since I sent a newsletter and this is pretty late that usual.

First of all, Happy new year! 🎉

I took up a challenge this month to write 30 essays in 30 days. I hope and I want to do it. If you want to follow the progress, here is the tweet thread that I’ll be updating every day.

Wish me luck.

This is one of the essays I wrote as part of the challenge. Let me know what you think.

Don’t Let the Over-Achiever-You Stop You from Your Goals

As a creator I find myself wanting to do more all the time.

I don’t want to “just” to make a podcast. I want to

  • Record the video version
  • Publish short clips of it
  • Build the website for it. Add translations of the audio

And on and on..

This happens all the time. I don’t want to “just” work on side projects, I want to live stream doing it. Let me not make this essay any bigger by listing all the things you need for a livestream.

This attitude robs me from my actual goals. Which is making a podcast or working on side projects.

This is like adding more and more friction on top your goals.

The other way around

What I figured out is that I should first do that task (goal) and then think of improving it.

Once the goal is achieved and I’m comfortable doing that, I can add extra stuff on top create more things.

Once we publish 10 episode of the podcast, we get comfortable with the process and it becomes a breeze. Now I can progressively work on the video version.

Getting started with the minimum viable task is important. Don’t let anything stop you from that, even yourself.

See you next Tuesday 👋

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