Struggling To Be Productive? Here’s An Amazing 10-Minute Routine To Get You Focused Again

Sent on January 25th, 2022

Okay, that’s a click-baity subject line. But I’m glad you opened.

This letter is about my routine which works for me. I have been consistent with this from more than an year now.

Coffee ☕️

I am a developer – I turn coffee into code. (Cliché, I know) But frankly speaking, I’ve been loving my coffee lately. You could say I wake up so I can drink it.

I spend some time making it. This isn’t any instant coffee that you mix in water or hot milk. It starts from grinding aromatic beans to brewing a perfect cup.

This takes me around 10 minutes and I do it because I want to (This time has not been added in the title, as it’s optional). This becomes a part of my routine that helps me get into the flow and mindset of working.

Like prepping myself for a day of great work.

Journaling 📓

I practice 5 minute journal. Not the exact one that Tim Ferris recommends, but slightly adjusted to my needs.

It starts by opening Logseq, a note taking app of my choice these days, and inserting my Morning Pages template. This doesn’t have to so dramatic; you could just do this on a pen and paper. 🤷‍♂️

I write down all my thoughts that are running in my head. Everything down on this note so that I could clear up my head for the day.

This acts like windscreens

Then I can scan my thoughts and take actions like scheduling things I want to do, discarding useless ones.

Finally, I’m ready for the day, with a clearer mind and pumped up with caffeine.

Do you have a morning routine? Reply and let me know.

This letter is a part of the #Ship30for30 challenge I took up this month to write 30 short essays in 30 days. And clearly, I’m not writing one every day. But hopefully, I get back on track and publish on as many days as I can.

This is the thread of all the things I’ve written and going to write -

See you next Tuesday 👋

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