Killer technique to share blog posts on Twitter that 3x'ed my engagement

Sent on February 1st, 2022

I’ve been tweeting from more than a year now and this is my thought process behind sharing lengthy content like blog posts.

Take advantage of the algorithm

People are lazy. And the algorithm wants to keep them lazy.

When you share just the link on Twitter, the algorithm doesn’t distribute it much. Because that takes the user out of the Twitter platform. Even if it does, people wont open them.

Write threads instead. ๐Ÿงต

Share the complete essay or blog post as a long thread. You can keep people on the platform, and let them read your content which is the final goal. The algorithm is happy as well.

Add the link to your blog post at the end.

Get better engagement

People can reply to specific parts of the thread. They can keep the conversation going. They can agree or disagree to the individual ideas you write.

That’s how we build knowledge as a community.

You can also link your previous relevant tweets in between the thread. And maybe in the future, you can use parts of this thread in essays you write.

This is direct step towards building a network of knowledge.

Action - Take some time out and write threads for all your blog posts. Tweet them.

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