The result of Podcasting

Sent on February 15th, 2022

A crazy thing happened at the beginning of this new year.

I got a email from founder of an amazing app, that I respect, to check if I’m interested to work with him. In that, he mentioned that he listens to Learning Curve Pod and few episode have resonated with him. He liked our conversations, which was one of the reasons for that job offer.

This was a great news.

Brittik and I (co-hosts of the podcast) found ourselves getting excited over the fact that people are listening to our conversations. We discovered new energy to start back the podcast and try doing it consistently this year.

We don’t have a huge audience. But the fact that it is helping a few people and helping us in return to find more opportunities is great.

One needs to be lucky to even find such opportunities and podcasting is a sure way to increase the surface area of luck.

Takeaway for you: Put yourselves out there. Express your thoughts and teach what you know. You can’t even guess how it impacts people and helps you in return.

See you next Tuesday 👋

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