When should you start to code

Sent on August 31st, 2021

Hi, I’m Aravind Balla and you are reading letter #18 from the Hackletter where I talk about my learnings and give you behind the scenes of things I keep doing for fun.

When I build apps or websites, the first thing I want to do is to write code. Because that is what I'm comfortable with and I like to write code. But with experience, I understood that without proper planning it will take multiple iterations to get to the final outcome.

And when we want to iterate in code, that becomes costly. Not actual money, but time.

This is where planning helps. If it's frontend, then a few designs and flows about how the app should look and work. And if it's backend, database and API design.

This actually makes writing code easier. Iterating while designing is a lot easier compared to changing code. You just have to move blocks and text around when you are designing.

But to what extent?

Should you have every granular detail planned out? I don't think so. It differs from person to person.

I like making some rough sketches for the planned UI. Basically, taking all the decisions while designing so that I can sit and code what's planned without thinking about it much.

How does it work for you? I'm curious to know.

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