I tried an audio experiment which got 25 downloads till now

Sent on October 5th, 2021

Hi, I’m Aravind Balla and you are reading letter #18 from the Hackletter where I talk about my learnings and give you behind the scenes of things I keep doing for fun.

I'm trying a new audio experiment

Imagine you are out for a run. You have earphones plugged in and you are listening to great ideas from all over the world. That's how you define podcasts, right? You are into it for 9 minutes and one idea in particular gives you that "aha" moment. You somehow connect it your previous idea, and you are experiencing this jolt of joy.

You stop, pull out your phone, pause this podcast, and you want to note it down. "Opening Roam would take me minutes", you tell yourself. So you open something quick like Drafts app, note a few point down and the timestamps of that podcast and resume that run.

After you come home, you process these quick notes, get it into your PKM system and do nothing about it. Wait, do nothing about it?

This is exactly my story.

I did nothing about it. But I'm changing that up. I'm curating the best content I listen on a Mixtape.

The format is super short. I clip the interesting parts, add a voiceover at the beginning, or in between, which might include my take on it, and publish.

I've published 6 episodes till now and it's been fun. I'm glad I figured out a way to do everything, from clipping the audio to publishing, on my mobile.

You can listen to on any podcast player or on the web - https://mixtape.balla.dev/.

I'm happy to share more about the process if you're interested. Just hit reply.

See you next Tuesday 👋

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