State of Time Tracking

8th January, 2024·
·2 min read

After lot of fiddling with ways to time tracking, I settled with the approach I describe here.

I tried using automatic tracking tools like Rize but the free tier doesn't cut it. Not to forget privacy concerns. I tried open source tool called ActivityWatch but to get any useful info out of it takes work and also it didn't look good.

I believe automatic time tracking doesn't make you conscious enough of how your time is being spent.

I tried Calendars–creating events for time blocks but simple things like weekly analytics takes work again. I tried interstitial journaling, both on apps and physically on notebooks, but you have to calculate things manually.

Tools I'm using now

  • Toggl to track time across projects
  • iOS Shortcuts (Automations)
  • Raycast Toggl extension
  • Claude Chat
  • Waka time for coding - doesn't fit in

Whenever I am ready to get some work done, I start the entry in Toggl's webapp. This is a tab in my browser that's always open. After I'm done, I go there and stop it.

Not to mention, I frequently forget to stop the event. Those times, I used Rewind to scroll back in time to see when I stopped working, and then edit the time entry in Toggl manually. Yes, Rewind is magical.

There is also a Toggl extension for Raycast, which comes in handy time

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