On being authentic in the era of AI

3rd March, 2024ยท
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How can we be authentic in this era of AI? Everything - from photos to videos, voice, writing etc - is being created by AI.

It is capable of doing all that. But it doesn't have a voice of its own. You can read and tell if that's by AI or not. It lacks a personality (that's the right word I should have used). I keep wondering what's the need to be authentic / real / new at all? Can I not just mimic others and go about in life.

Then some introspection led me to this - yes sure we don't need to be. But what's the point of it all is we are not new but just copies of someone else. We don't add anything unique to this world then. No contribution to our community. In the book the courage to be disliked, the author says that the feeling of contribution, or the feeling that you have contributed to the people around you is one of the main driving factors for happiness.

So maybe, to be truly happy, we just need to be real. Creating something for this humanity makes us worthy, I guess - fulfilled.

Now coming to the point of what's authenticity. Is it just a mix of all the unique experiences you have? I got acknowledge the fact that Everything is a remix(1) and Great artist steal(2). I am not pledging to not do that. But how can you add your flare to the things that exist in the world and make them better - that's the whole point.

Aravind Balla

By Aravind Balla, a Javascript Developer building things to solve problems faced by him & his friends. You should hit him up on Twitter!

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