What the heck is ISR?

Sent on April 13th, 2021


Happy Ugadi. I hope you and everyone at home is well.

Incremental Static generation

Or regeneration for that matter. I wrote a blog post on this topic. I recently discovered this and have become a huge fan of it, until I also came to know the downsides of it.

TL;DR of the complete post - ISR is sprinkling SSR benefits on top of SSG.

ISR - Incremental Static Regeneration SSR - Server-side Rendering SSG - Static site generation

Now read that again.

The thing is – it is not prefect, like all the other things in web development. And it has downsides like the first visit not being up-to date.

I cover more on this topic in the blog post. Here is the link if you'd like to read more.

And if you want to suggest edits or throw more light on the topic, we can talk about it.

I've started to rebuild my website using NextJS. It was on Gatsby till now and I feel it's slowing me down when I want to add a few features.


This is the repo if you want to have a look. I will be sharing my progress on YT. Subscribe if you'd like to follow along.

Have a great week. See you next Tuesday!

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